Filemaker PRO Advanced

The new FileMaker 13 Platform 

helps you create custom business solutions that are not only professionally designed but gorgeous too! When a database looks great, it’s more compelling to use. Your team can easily manage and share data, making them more productive than ever.

Custom themes

Modify and save changes to existing layout themes to match your exact business needs. Reuse your themes across other solutions, and share with your colleagues.

Built-in themes

FileMaker Pro 13 comes with 11 new, ready-to-use themes - for a total of 51 themes - to help you easily design custom solutions for iPad, iPhone and desktop.


Themes now have styles (sets of colors, fonts and text sizes applied to objects such as buttons, fields, and backgrounds) to give your solutions a consistent and professional look. Choose from a variety of predefined styles or customize and save your own. Modify a style once and it changes everywhere.

Improved Starter Solutions

The Contacts, Assets, Content Management and Invoices Starter Solutions have been entirely re-designed with a fresh look that takes advantage of new features in the FileMaker 13 Platform.

Field Picker

Drag and drop fields directly onto your layout with the new Field Picker. Includes convenient options for controlling field and label placement.

Control Object Visibility

Make your layouts more interactive by hiding or displaying objects such as fields and buttons based on a specific condition or calculation.

Filemaker PRO Advanced 13 MLP

Databasebehandling for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac og nettet.

Filemaker PRO

Få pålitelig, høytytende tilgang til de kritiske dataene dine.

Filemaker PRO 13 Oppgradering

Fra 11,12